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Hometown Baghdad on CNN:
Building Bridges Between the World’s Youth

29. April 2007


It was a real thrill to see Hometown Baghdad given a whole segment by CNN yesterday. I loved this close up on the blog including the URL. I know many of Ugotrade readers have followed and supported Hometown Baghdad since before the first webisode was even posted. Some submitted designs for the podcast logo, and […]

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Developing Worlds, Virtual and Real:
Things happen faster than you think!

27. April 2007

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Steve Prentice, analyst for Gartner Research, very kindly talked to me on Skype from the Symposium/ITexpo in San Francisco, yesterday. Of course, I asked about his controversial prediction, “the majority of active Internet users and major enterprises will find value in participating in this area [Virtual Worlds] in the coming years.” And: By 2011, 80% […]

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Encyclopedia Humanica
and the internet’s destiny.

23. April 2007

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Picture from ilounge. This week the announcement by Bob Geldof of his Dictionary of Man or Encyclopedia Humanica triggered a discussion on digital divides. Live Aid founder Bob Geldof and the BBC announced Tuesday they had joined forces on an ambitious multi-media project to produce a Dictionary of Man [aka Encyclopedia Humanica] that will be […]

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