Will Wright, “Gaming Reality,” Where 2012

Wed, Apr 25, 2012

Will Wright’s talk at Where 2012 is brilliant. It elucidates a turning point for mobile gaming.

Will describes an important shift:

gaming has primarily up to this point been about simulating parts of reality, now I think it’s moving toward the idea that maybe we can start parsing actual reality, and incorporating that into our play experiences.

He unfolds a vision for a new genre of personally aware mobile games that move away from a “presumption that reality sucks and we want to get away from it.”

I’m super excited to be working with Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club to create a new genre of mobile experiences that express this vision.

Will notes:

as a designer nowadays, I don’t feel like there’s any meaningful limitation that I have. The amount of technology that used to be applied to NORAD, tracking incoming missiles, is basically now in my pocket, helping me find frappuccinos. Actually quite a bit more technology than NORAD had back then.

It is a rich, dense talk so enjoy the video and explore the CaptionBox too!

Also I hope you can join us at Augmented Reality Event, 2012, Santa Clara, CA on May 8th and 9th. Will Wright will be judging the Auggies with Bruce Sterling, Daniel Suarez and others. I will be talking about “Augmented Awareness & Life Based Games” in the AR Games session, along with Brian Selzer, Ogmento and Richard Wetzel, Fraunhofer

And please do use my discount count TISH375AR to register!

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