(original photo by Tze Yang Kong)

My idea for a project called UgoTrade came out of my experience working on a proposal to bring ICT training centers to the Tibetan Communities in exile in Southern India.  We have barely begun to explore the potential of a networked world where everyone is a full participant in economies of knowledge, wealth, and fun!

I imagine a global mobile social reality where innovative technologists, and creative people everywhere will work together to reinvent global trading and communication from the back of a yak, a canoe on the Amazon, and a houseboat in New Orleans.  I hope that Dr Yunus’ Nobel Prize winning model of micro lending can extend to micro trading in all forms of capital – social and economic, to enable a new global community/economy of knowledge and fun, where mobile social experience, ubiquitous computing, DIO technology, and games become the tools we can all use to make a better world .


Tish Shute, founder of Ugotrade

I am an entrepreneur, creative technologist/reality architect, synthesist, writer, and founder of Ugotrade – a leading blog focused on augmented reality, and the future of mobile social communications.

Currently I am working with Will Wright and Stupid Fun Club to bring a new variety of playful experiences to mobile/local/social.

I am co-founder of Augmented Reality Event. I love being involved in imagining/inventing how a new industry will turn out!

My career in new media and technology began with work in motion control, robotics, and special effects for film, television, theme parks and aerospace. I continue my interest in innovation and paradigm shifts as an entrepreneur and writer focused on the uncharted territory of augmented mobile social realities.

I have an M.Phil. in “Culture and Media” from NYU, Dept. of Anthropology, where I pursued my interest in the uptake of new technology from a more academic POV.

Also find me, Tish Shute, on LinkedinTish Shute on Twitter, Quora, and  see my Posterous blog (for my shorter posts!)

And below are some pictures of me on a very exciting and happy day for me. I was helping the great director Sidney Pollack on a scene for his film the The Interpreter. The scene featured one of the people I admire most in this world – the world renowned Capoeira Angola Grand Master, Mestre Joao Grande


Thanks Sylvia for taking all these “behind the scenes” photos!