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The Physical World Becomes a Software Construct: Talking with Brady Forrest about Where 2.0, 2010

10. February 2010


“The internet eats everything it touches,” write Brady Forrest and Nathan Torkington, O’Reilly Media, Inc., in their must read 2006 companion essay The State of Where 2.0 (PDF).  Now in 2010 that statement is more true than ever. Last week,  I talked to Brady about what we can look forward to at Where 2.0, 2010,  […]

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Bruce Damer’s Vision for the 22nd Century

14. February 2008

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Imagine an L-System forest, a herbivore simulation and a carnivore simulation all developed separately without each having its own graphical front end. Each object in the separate simulations would communicate locally or via the network using some agreed upon protocol. Next, picture one or more 3D front end “view portals” with all the bells & […]

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