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Open Source, IP and Privacy in Virtual Worlds

14. March 2008


Eben Moglen – Open Source, IPPI panel in Second Life Life 2.0 Summit Spring ’08 will kick off with the Open Source, IPPI (IP and Privacy/Identity) in Virtual Worlds On Sunday, March 16, at 1 PM PST, with special guest Eben Moglen (his avatar pictured above). The event will be held in the CMP Amphitheater […]

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A Conversation with Eben Moglen on Second Life

21. December 2007


Recently I met with Eben Moglen, the founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center, and David W. Levine, a researcher at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center and IBM representative to the Architectural Working Group, for an informal conversation that looked at many of the fundamental social, technological and legal questions of […]

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