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Social Web Music, Global Change,
and “the web as a virtual world.”

12. August 2007


I met with Ansi Orochi (a.k.a. Ansgar Schmidt, Lead Architect, Virtual Worlds, IBM Research and Development) on Sawubona on Second Life to ask him the question: “What Are The Most Important Characteristics of Web 3D?” Sawubona, is in a very early stage of development – the first official press release isn’t due for a month. […]

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Hometown Baghdad on CNN:
Building Bridges Between the World’s Youth

29. April 2007


It was a real thrill to see Hometown Baghdad given a whole segment by CNN yesterday. I loved this close up on the blog including the URL. I know many of Ugotrade readers have followed and supported Hometown Baghdad since before the first webisode was even posted. Some submitted designs for the podcast logo, and […]

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PodCamp Storms The New Yorker Hotel!

10. April 2007


Two podcasters from Kent State? Adam Broitman with Leesa Barnes, on left. Chris Penn co-founder of the Podcamp movement,on right (photos from CC Chapman’s Flickr page) PodCampNYC was buzzier than a post that’s made it big on digg. And, I thought I would spend Saturday being a mouse potato (see my pre-camp post!). From the […]

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