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Avatar Rights:
Freedom & Openness in Immersive Software

20. March 2008


The social consequences of the architectural decisions that will take us into a future of openness in immersive software are potentially vast. Open immersive software is poised to begin to play a disruptive role in the next generation of the internet, and decisions about its design may turn out to be very important ones for […]

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Open Source, IP and Privacy in Virtual Worlds

14. March 2008


Eben Moglen – Open Source, IPPI panel in Second Life Life 2.0 Summit Spring ’08 will kick off with the Open Source, IPPI (IP and Privacy/Identity) in Virtual Worlds On Sunday, March 16, at 1 PM PST, with special guest Eben Moglen (his avatar pictured above). The event will be held in the CMP Amphitheater […]

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OpenSpime: Instrumentation for the Planet

3. March 2008


We have built the technology for monitoring almost everything, almost everywhere and we are making 99% of it open-source. Thanx to Bruce Sterling who inspired us, we called our technology “OpenSpime.” This is a concrete opportunity to monitor the earth, and everyone on this planet will be able to contribute to this. OpenSpime have prepared […]

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