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Putting OpenSim Into The Heart of Web 2.0

6. October 2008


This post, and my previous post about integration of OpenSim into Web 2.0, explore how immersive virtual worlds, through a full architectural integration into Web 2.0, will become part of the fabric of everyday computing. The diagram above shows where OpenSim sits in Web 2.0 (click on the diagram to see a readable enlarged version!). […]

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Open Source And Interoperability Will Take Virtual Worlds Mainstream

9. September 2008


OpenSim was in the spotlight at Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo, LA 2008. OpenSim won a conference Innovation Award and the OpenSim booth was a hub of activity. At one time I saw conference attendees from Microsoft, Intel, and IBM all in conversation at the OpenSim table. A video of the OpenSim integration with Lotus […]

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Open Source, IP and Privacy in Virtual Worlds

14. March 2008


Eben Moglen – Open Source, IPPI panel in Second Life Life 2.0 Summit Spring ’08 will kick off with the Open Source, IPPI (IP and Privacy/Identity) in Virtual Worlds On Sunday, March 16, at 1 PM PST, with special guest Eben Moglen (his avatar pictured above). The event will be held in the CMP Amphitheater […]

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