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Genkii:Tokyo’s Open Source Metaverse Strategists

27. May 2008


There is a lot of excitement in the Japanese Metaverse these days. I met some of the the most important Japanese metaverse companies at the Virtual Worlds Expo and Conference in New York City earlier this year. And, last week, I managed to catch up with Naoyoshi Shimaya, CEO of Metabirds, and Hiroshi Asaeda, CEO […]

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Metabirds: Interview with Naoyoshi Shimaya,CEO

27. May 2008

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I met Naoyoshi, CEO of Metabirds, at the Electric Sheep Company’s party during the Virtual Worlds Conference, 2008. And, ever since then, I have been looking forward to hearing more about Naoyoshi’s vision for the future of virtual worlds and his pioneering company Metabirds that has developed 25 sims in Second Life â„¢ (A registered […]

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RealXtend’s New Avatar Tech:
Facegen, Inverse Kinematics, Morphing and More!

23. May 2008


It is jaw dropping the number of new features that realXtend has brought to the Second Life â„¢ (A registered Trademark of Linden Lab) open source client and OpenSim server tech in only a few short months. Last week the Rex team posted a video showing inverse kinematics, character morph controls, and clothing physics- see […]

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