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Mashing Up Virtual Worlds With Web 2.0 and Online Gaming

16. October 2008


The curtains are lifting between Virtual Worlds, Web 2.0, and online gaming. There are many indications of this in the news including, the rebranding of the Virtual Worlds Conf. and Expo in New York City as “Engage! Expo – 3D Web, Virtual Worlds, and Virtual Goods,” and Google’s Lively opening up an API for game […]

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Putting OpenSim Into The Heart of Web 2.0

6. October 2008


This post, and my previous post about integration of OpenSim into Web 2.0, explore how immersive virtual worlds, through a full architectural integration into Web 2.0, will become part of the fabric of everyday computing. The diagram above shows where OpenSim sits in Web 2.0 (click on the diagram to see a readable enlarged version!). […]

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Rob Smart, IBM: ‘Web 2.0 to OpenSim Made Easy’

29. September 2008


Web 2.0 surpasses all previous technologies in its ability to “explicitly leverage network effects” (a definition of Web 2.0 from Tim O’Reilly). But, while virtual worlds pass another classic litmus test of Web 2.0 – two way participation, they have been, up to this point, largely cut off from Web 2.0 power/network effects. Persistent immersive […]

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