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HiPiHi in Public Beta: Interview With Xu Hui, CEO

2. April 2008


HiPiHi is taking up the challenge of building a managed world with the emphasis on creating a strong virtual economy and a community built around the trading and creation of virtual goods, just at the moment when Linden Lab is beginning to make serious moves to an open grid (see here, here, and here). While […]

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Thinking Globally, Connecting Virtually:
Anshe Chung Makes a Home for Non-profits on SL.

19. August 2007

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Anshe Chung (picture from Rik Riel’s Flickr stream) spoke live from China at the grand opening celebration for the new Non-profit Commons island in Second Life. Anshe expressed her passion for using virtual worlds to connect globally. Anshe Chung is SL’s first millionaire, a global metaverse entrepreneur, and donor of the island and buildings that […]

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From China to Virtual Africa: How Can Participatory Media Benefit the World?

22. July 2007


I met with Alanagh Recreant (a.k.a. Dorette Steenkamp) from Uthango Social Investments, on Virtual Africa in Second Life. And, while Uthango’s Virtual Africa initiative has barely begun yet – terra forming is first on the agenda – there is already a very special feeling of possibility, and great things to come. Uthango has already put […]

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