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Participation Camp, NYC: Open Government, Open Organizations, Open Collaboration, Open Data, and Apps For Democracy

10. July 2009


Participation Camp 2009, an unconference held at NYU’s ITP,  is part of a broader vision of the organizers to position open government at the leading edge of an open organizations movement. For more on open organization Matt pointed me to David Johnson’s work and the Virtual Company movement, Matt Cooperrider (@mattcoop on Twitter) – […]

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Realizing the Potential of Virtual Worlds: Why and How to Support OpenSim

23. July 2008


Are you one of those people who need something more to get you excited about the future of virtual worlds than, “I am in ur browser, chatting in 3D?” Well, perhaps, it is time for you to take a close look at the burgeoning open source ecosystem surrounding OpenSIm. Jonas Karlsson, Xerox, (avatar Poinky Malaprop) […]

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Astrophysics in Virtual Worlds: Implementing N-Body Simulations in OpenSim

19. July 2008


Junichiro Makino, University of Tokyo, leads the way into the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) in Tokyo. Piet Hut, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, is right behind with the Genkii team. Jun Makino has offered the use of a server at the observatory to set up an OpenSim environment. History is about to be […]

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