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Pachube, Patching the Planet: Interview with Usman Haque

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Usman Haque (architect and director, Haque Design + Research) and founder of Pachube pointed me to this image from T.R. Oke’s book, “Boundary Layer Climates” (original photo source Prof. L. E. Mount’s The Climatic Physiology of the Pig) to explain his approach to the “software” of space. My focus as an architect has always been […]

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Meet the Rising Stars of the Open Metaverse at Virtual Worlds 2008, LA

Friday, August 29, 2008


OpenSim developers will be explaining OpenSim to Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo,LA, 2008, attendees from a “very-spacious booth being sponsored by DeepThink, Genkii, RealXtend, SineWave and ISID.” The booth will be an important place to meet some of the key innovators in virtual worlds. While OpenSim is still alpha there are already some pretty advanced […]

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