Brian Eno On Second Life

Sun, Jul 1, 2007


Photo by Rik Panganiban
Some Chat Logged as Brian Eno enters Second Life for the first time.

19:45] Pixeleen Mistral: how does it feel to be a cartoon figure?
[19:45] Rhiannon Chatnoir: to make this even more meta i am streaming it live via
[19:45] Brian Eno: i’ve always beeen a bit of one
[19:45] Pixeleen Mistral: well now you really ARE
[19:46] Cyrus Huffhines: thanks for coming
[19:46] Brian Eno: can I see the installation now?

Yes! Brian Eno appeared at the Long Now and production of 77 Million Paintings. Bryan Campen (a.k.a Cyrus Huffhines on Second Life) founder of produced this ground breaking, multidimensional and multi-sim project on Second Life with his creative partner Angrybeth Shortbread (a.k.a. Annabeth Robinson ) of Leeds College of Art and Design. Annabeth, who is a professor at Leeds College, designed the Second Life remix of Brian Eno’s work.

A fabulous event, and seasoned SL reporter from the Second Life Herald Pixeleen Mistral got some cool repartee going with Brian Eno right away, as you can see!

Here is Brian Eno enjoying 77 Million Paintings on Second Life with Xantherus Halberd (a.k.a. Annie Ok. in Real Life), who made Brian Eno’s Avatar and produced one of the multi-sim installations at Art Center in Avignon.


The crowd was excited and cameras were snapping wildly. There are be lots of good photos up on and Flickr.


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  1. Rasmussen Says:

    To help others visualize how the live videocast integrated within the SL reception – Link to video of Long Now reception for 77 Million Paintings When SL is mashed with RL through live video such as this, the resulting experience is usually quite memorable.

    Brian Eno’s interaction within the virtual exhibition made this project real. Thanks to Bryan, Annabeth, Annie, and all that made this possible.