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Astrophysics in Virtual Worlds: Implementing N-Body Simulations in OpenSim

19. July 2008


Junichiro Makino, University of Tokyo, leads the way into the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) in Tokyo. Piet Hut, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, is right behind with the Genkii team. Jun Makino has offered the use of a server at the observatory to set up an OpenSim environment. History is about to be […]

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IBM & Linden Lab Launch Protocols for Virtual World Interoperability

8. July 2008


Today it is official, “The IBM and Linden Lab Interoperability Announcement” – see also, Torley Linden’s video here (screenshot above). Hamilton Linden and Inifinty Linden visited OpenSim office hours in Wright’s Plaza, OSGrid, last week with some big news (screenshot below). 25 avatars gathered to discuss with great enthusiasm Hamilton Linden’s proposal that Linden Lab […]

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New Release from realXtend and Modular Integration into OpenSim

2. July 2008


The realXtend 0.3 release is out with a bunch of exciting new features! Click here or on the screenshot above to see the reX video. Also, RealXtend launched a public avatar service – If you are interested you should sign up soon. Jani Pirkola, Project Manager for realXtend, told me: We will get 100 […]

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