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The Open Grid (Beta): The First Step to Interoperable Virtual Worlds

31. July 2008


Open Grid Public Beta opened today (see Second Life blog) marking the beginning of a new era of interoperable virtual worlds and a new architecture for Second Life TM. The magic of “running code and consensus” is here and, at least between OpenSim and Second Life TM, avatars are jumping back and forth. Hamilton Linden, […]

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Metaverse Meetup: “OpenSim and Virtual Worlds Interoperability”

27. July 2008

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Here is the video of our last Metaverse Meetup: OpenSim & Virtual Worlds Interoperability 7.23.08 (from Vimeo). The video of this landmark event was produced thanks to the awesome Annie Ok, Artist, Creative Director, Curator, Video Director, Metaverse Evangelist/Consultant, Co-Organizer of Metaverse Meetup. While Annie’s first love is art, she has been involved in an […]

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Realizing the Potential of Virtual Worlds: Why and How to Support OpenSim

23. July 2008


Are you one of those people who need something more to get you excited about the future of virtual worlds than, “I am in ur browser, chatting in 3D?” Well, perhaps, it is time for you to take a close look at the burgeoning open source ecosystem surrounding OpenSIm. Jonas Karlsson, Xerox, (avatar Poinky Malaprop) […]

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