Metaverse Meetup: “OpenSim and Virtual Worlds Interoperability”

Sun, Jul 27, 2008

Here is the video of our last Metaverse Meetup: OpenSim & Virtual Worlds Interoperability 7.23.08 (from Vimeo). The video of this landmark event was produced thanks to the awesome Annie Ok, Artist, Creative Director, Curator, Video Director, Metaverse Evangelist/Consultant, Co-Organizer of Metaverse Meetup.

While Annie’s first love is art, she has been involved in an extraordinary number of projects (see her bio here). Notably, Annie Ok, with Jeff Crouse, & Stephanie Rothenberg made the documentary and helped with the amazing Invisible Threads project which shows how excellent Second Life is for such innovative mixed reality installations. The documentary premiered at Synthetic Times. Annie also created the interactive, collaborative Timeline of Virtual Worlds that the whole community can help with.

Photos of the meetup are now posted here on Flickr and some nice portraits here on Facebook.

With the video Annie sent out a great write up about the meetup.

Annie noted:

Adam Frisby and David Levine gave us incredible insight into OpenSim and shared compelling details that really expanded on what has previously been known about its amazing potential and revolutionary role in the future of the metaverse.”

And she was very kind about my really minor supporting role!

“Tish Shute was great as the guest moderator, asking key questions and adding salient commentary.”

And I really agree with Annie’s synopsis about what is at the heart of our metaverse meetups!

“It was so nice to see all the familiar regulars as well as meet the new ones. In true Metaverse Meetup style, we migrated en mass to a local bar where we continued the conversation about all things metaversal and had fun hanging out with fellow avatars until the late hours.”

Thanks to everyone and especially Global Kids for making the meetup possible.

Please be sure to check out the list of Metaverse Meetup links on the new About page. There are now Metaverse Meetup group on LinkedIn, Flickr and FriendFeed, as well as a list of Metaverse Meetup chapters in other cities for those of you who are not based in NYC.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meetup!

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