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“OpenSource, Interoperable Virtual Worlds” at VW 2008, LA

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


OpenSim is designed for interoperability innovation. Adam Frisby explains: By allowing easy customization and extension, we can test and refine interoperability protocols very quickly and efficiently. The interconnect with Second Life (TM) was developed by David Levine, IBM, in only a number of days (David Levine on the right, Adam Frisby, left). Please join us […]

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Metaverse Meetup: “OpenSim and Virtual Worlds Interoperability”

Sunday, July 27, 2008

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Here is the video of our last Metaverse Meetup: OpenSim & Virtual Worlds Interoperability 7.23.08 (from Vimeo). The video of this landmark event was produced thanks to the awesome Annie Ok, Artist, Creative Director, Curator, Video Director, Metaverse Evangelist/Consultant, Co-Organizer of Metaverse Meetup. While Annie’s first love is art, she has been involved in an […]

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Tribal Media: Changing The Game With OpenSim

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tribal Net, which goes into public Beta at the end of this week, not only brings us the long awaited OpenSim on your PC but by creating new back end protocols for OpenSim the Tribal Media team has introduced a key innovation to OpenSim – the decentralized grid. I interviewed the two founders of Tribal […]

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