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Metaverse Meetup: “OpenSim and Virtual Worlds Interoperability”

27. July 2008

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Here is the video of our last Metaverse Meetup: OpenSim & Virtual Worlds Interoperability 7.23.08 (from Vimeo). The video of this landmark event was produced thanks to the awesome Annie Ok, Artist, Creative Director, Curator, Video Director, Metaverse Evangelist/Consultant, Co-Organizer of Metaverse Meetup. While Annie’s first love is art, she has been involved in an […]

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Second Life Demos For Peace & Justice in Burma

29. September 2007


There were many demonstrations across Second Life today in support of peace and justice in Myanmar (Burma) where hundreds of Buddhist monks are being arrested in government raids on monasteries after leading large protests against the military regime. I joined one of the avatar chains organized by Second Life avatar Vivienne Casavettes. It stretched across […]

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The Operating System For Planet Earth

18. September 2007


A road-map for imagining a future and the benefits of virtual worlds was laid out at The Serious Virtual Worlds Conference held in Coventry University, England last week. In the picture above are David Wortley, Director of the Serious Games Institute (holding the user interface for Guitar Hero) and on the right Dr. Timothy W. […]

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