A Geekgasm at 9am in the Augmented Reality Industry – are2010: Bruce Sterling’s Keynote & Will Wright and The Parrot AR Drone

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

The Augmented Reality Event: Bruce Sterling’s keynote from Ori Inbar on Vimeo.

Bruce Sterling’s keynote (aka the prophet of the augmented reality industry) set the bar high on the opening day with a keynote address reminding us all of how awesome it is to be the “world’s first pure play experience designers,”  but also not to forget “whose reality needs to be augmented most,” and “to cut ourselves a space of our own.”

“It’s 9 am in the augmented reality industry…without vision people perish…it’s your chance to build a big pie before you start slicing it up…it’s time for you to get dressed…good luck to you, I’ll be watching you”

Wow! Augmented Reality Event was hotness.  I know, as one of the chairs, it is not like I am a neutral observer.  But, if you were there, and you didn’t pick up on the “warm, affirmative feeling,” as Bruce put it, and the optimism, fun, and cool uber geekery, of are2010, I guess I will have to hear from you in the comments ‘cos the feedback has been incredibly upbeat, so far.

Anyway,  I am still basking in that rare glow of a geekgasm at 9am – the augmented reality industry embracing lovers whose dreams are in still in full flight – no burst bubbles, betrayals, train wrecks, or tragedies in sight yet?  Although Roger Cormanesque horrors were threaded through  Jesse ‘the man with the x-ray specs” Schell’s  closing keynote, “Seeing.”  So keeping watching Ori’s Vimeo stream for Jesse’s keynote  -  it will be up soon and it’s quite a ride!

I leave for England tomorrow to celebrate my mother’s eightieth birthday, so this will be a brief post for now.  But I am looking forward to posting soon a long interview with Bruce Sterling on his experience of are2010.

Bruce Sterling hung out with with Rudy Rucker (see Rudy’s post and pics on are2010 here), attracting fans wherever they went, visiting the expo, going to sessions,  talking generously with all – their table always crowded.  Bruce said he hadn’t had so much fun in a while.  And, apparently, Rudy was touched when Maarten Lens-FizgGerald from Layar said that he met the Layar co-founder at a Rudy Rucker lecture. Awesome!

As Ori says here:

“are 2010 is over. It was a blast.  Many thanks to 400 AR enthusiasts who joined us for 2 days of AR goodness.

Special thanks to our 90 speakers from 40 augmented reality companies, our exhibitors, sponsors, and above all – for Qualcomm.”

People’s slides will be up on the are2010 web site soon. My presentation, AR Wave: Federation, Game Dynamics, and Mobile Social Communications, is already up on slideshare.

You can catch up on some of the highlights of are2010 in Rouli’s linkfest, and check out these pointers he gave to following the event for more.

I will have a mega post up soon.  But for now here are a few photos that will give you a taste of some of the #are2010 magic.

Bruce gets a t-shirt from tonchidot CEO, Iguchi Takahito ( @iguchi ), after checking out Helen Papagiannis’ AR art


If  an event with Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Jesse Schell and Blaise Aguera y Arcas there wasn’t already enough awesomeness, check out how Sophia Parafina, Locatively, and Patrick O’Shaughnessy of Patched reality got to hang out with Will Wright – hacking the Parrot AR Drone.  And then, when a dead power supply stopped that adventure in its tracks, Will played some of Patrick’s AR games and gave him feedback.  OMG!  Will’s only the most important game designer the whole world.  There is already some videos shot from the front row up of Jesse Schell’s, Blaise Aguera y Arcas’ and Will Wright’s keynotes up, but the hi res versions are coming soon!



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