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Virtual Worlds and Digital Divides – joining the conversation

19. November 2007


White African noted last week that in “The Best of Blogs, “there’s a number of African blogs in there” and a lot of activity over the last month in the African blogosphere. The nominated blogs include two from Africa: Actualités de la République Démocratique du Congo in the best Weblog category Diário de um Sociólogo […]

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“InsideOut” – The Second Wave in Second Life

1. October 2007


Coincidently Justin Bovington (avatar Fizik Baskerville) from Rivers Run Red invited me to join the beta trial of Vodafone InsideOut in Second Life on a day I really wanted to send messages from Second Life to all my friend’s “real” life mobile phones. I wanted everyone to know that I was spending Saturday as my […]

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Ugotrade Interview with Philip Rosedale at SLCC:
“Bigger than the web” and Second Life in Africa

29. August 2007


Second Life will be “bigger than the web” and we’re “moving away from being a lab and into an operating system.” These bold statements by Philip Rosedale, in his keynote address at SLCC, inspired my questions in the interview Philip very graciously gave for Ugotrade that morning. Philip is wearing the “Missing Image” T-shirt, created […]

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