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Virtual Worlds and Digital Divides – joining the conversation

19. November 2007


White African noted last week that in “The Best of Blogs, “there’s a number of African blogs in there” and a lot of activity over the last month in the African blogosphere. The nominated blogs include two from Africa: Actualités de la République Démocratique du Congo in the best Weblog category Diário de um Sociólogo […]

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The Operating System For Planet Earth

18. September 2007


A road-map for imagining a future and the benefits of virtual worlds was laid out at The Serious Virtual Worlds Conference held in Coventry University, England last week. In the picture above are David Wortley, Director of the Serious Games Institute (holding the user interface for Guitar Hero) and on the right Dr. Timothy W. […]

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Thinking Globally, Connecting Virtually:
Anshe Chung Makes a Home for Non-profits on SL.

19. August 2007

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Anshe Chung (picture from Rik Riel’s Flickr stream) spoke live from China at the grand opening celebration for the new Non-profit Commons island in Second Life. Anshe expressed her passion for using virtual worlds to connect globally. Anshe Chung is SL’s first millionaire, a global metaverse entrepreneur, and donor of the island and buildings that […]

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