Hometown Baghdad Pocast Logo Redesign – Calling All Netizens!

Wed, Mar 14, 2007


Hometown Baghdad has created a wonderful opportunity for netizens to work together with Iraqis towards healing Iraq. Please spread the word to all the web designers on your networks! HTB is looking for a new pod cast logo for their iTunes distribution. This web documentary series follows the lives of a few young Iraqis trying to get by in Baghdad and launches online on March 19. But, you will have until Monday to submit your podcast logo design.

Mike writes about this series and March 19th launch date:

“That date is significant because it is the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. A lot has changed for normal, everyday Iraqis in these past four years and hopefully our series will show the world what their lives are like today. However dramatic and moving these stories are, we intend this series to be apolitical. Perhaps it will spur some dialogue or make a few people think differently. And that may be good. But as filmmakers and producers, we simply want to introduce these people and tell their stories.”

Also, check out the interesting comments from Iraq on the HTB blog about the selection of a photo for the logo design. As HTB gets more pictures in from their team in Baghdad, they’ll post them here so you can use those pics if you like. And, Mike writes, “since we really like the font that was used in the past logo, I’m including a PNG frame of the series open. Feel free to grab that and incorporate it.”

PNG File

Also, Mike adds, “Since it’s for the iTunes podcast logo, it needs to be 300×300. And keep in mind, the logo will be tiny so make the font big enough to read. Send in your redesigns to me at and I’ll post them here. And by the beginning of next week, if we get one that we think is more appropriate for the series, we’ll use it. ”

I can’t wait to see the new design!

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  1. calvin Says:

    Cool idea – i would definitely love to spread the word around. Best of luck bro.

  2. Zaid BEN. Says:

    Nice but between those two photos you have to put a photo for baghdad that been taken to Tigris …you know its the ARTERY OF BAGHDAD and its the continuity of life for that brave , filled with glory and wonerful city (Baghdad)…Thank you

  3. admin Says:

    Sorry I didn’t post these comments sooner. My email program hid them in my spam box. My apologies to Zaid.

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