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Rob Smart, IBM: ‘Web 2.0 to OpenSim Made Easy’

29. September 2008


Web 2.0 surpasses all previous technologies in its ability to “explicitly leverage network effects” (a definition of Web 2.0 from Tim O’Reilly). But, while virtual worlds pass another classic litmus test of Web 2.0 – two way participation, they have been, up to this point, largely cut off from Web 2.0 power/network effects. Persistent immersive […]

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Philip Rosedale:
Open Source, Interoperable Virtual Worlds

26. September 2008


Metanomics host Robert Bloomfield interviewed Second Life founder and Chairman of the Board, Philip Rosedale, at the Second Life Community Convention in Tampa, Florida.  The Rosedale interview is available here (pictures above are Philip Rosedale and his avatar). Rosedale talked about Linden Lab’s long standing commitment to open source and open protocols in one segment […]

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Interview with Mic Bowman, Intel: The Future of Virtual Worlds

15. September 2008


Intel obviously benefits from broad adoption of applications that drive significant compute so it is hardly surprising that they had been paying attention to the early adopters of the Gaming & Visual Computing market.  But, in a recent post the Intel blog states, “going forward the bigger growth will be coming from the other two […]

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