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AR Wave at Where 2.0: Exploring Social Augmented Experiences

2. April 2010


Here  is the “world premier” of  the  ARWave demo – also see on youtube here.  Below are the slides from our panel: The Next Wave of AR: Exploring Social Augmented Experiences, with Anselm Hook presenting on “10 reasons Why Ar Not a Flash in the Pan,”  Jeremy Hight, spoke on “Augmenting the Map,”  Sophia Parafina […]

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Virtual Worlds and Digital Divides – joining the conversation

19. November 2007


White African noted last week that in “The Best of Blogs, “there’s a number of African blogs in there” and a lot of activity over the last month in the African blogosphere. The nominated blogs include two from Africa: Actualités de la République Démocratique du Congo in the best Weblog category Diário de um Sociólogo […]

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Second Life Demos For Peace & Justice in Burma

29. September 2007


There were many demonstrations across Second Life today in support of peace and justice in Myanmar (Burma) where hundreds of Buddhist monks are being arrested in government raids on monasteries after leading large protests against the military regime. I joined one of the avatar chains organized by Second Life avatar Vivienne Casavettes. It stretched across […]

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