Mon, Mar 12, 2007

Boing Boing picked up the “China’s Most Incredible Holdout,” photo and story today (see my post Saturday).

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  1. KuiperCliff Says:

    Hi Tish,
    Many thanks for your fascinating comments and leads on my post. I posted that item somewhat frivolously, but I’m delighted there’s more to it than mere novelty (although we’l l see what happens in the rest of the blogosphere ;-)). You introduced me to the concept of ‘bridge bloggers’, which I find very exciting. I’ve posted about the linguistic disconnect before, and the frustration at finding huge swaths of the world effectively offline, merely because I/we don’t have the tools to communicate appropriately and constructively.
    I’ve had personal experience in the conflict zones of central Africa, and I know there are people blogging there – the frustration has been finding them, translating them, and disseminating relevant content. If people are prepared to use their bilinguistic abilities to aid in this process, then I’m hugely encouraged by this. I may take my Great Lakes project off the backburner…
    Thanks for your input – very, very interesting. I couldn’t find an email address for you, hence commenting here.
    BTW you’ve gained another feed reader – excellent and exciting site.