Netizens Rallying Around “China’s Greatest Holdout!”

Mon, Mar 26, 2007

Owner Wu Ping accepting interviews from media (pictures from Global Voices Online)

The “nail house,” blogged on Ugotrade on March 10th , and March 22nd and Boing Boing, March 12th, and again on March 23rd (hey, I can’t resist pointing out again how I scooped Boing Boing twice on this one!), and many other English blogs after that (also see Virtual China). On March 22nd, Peering Into The Interior translated an interview with the owner. Now Global Voices Online points out, it is also picking up steam fast again on the Chinese BBS’s. “Smelling a story, journalists from all across the country rushed to the city [zh] to see what would happen when the owner, Wu Ping, ran out of time to evacuate her ‘nail house‘ at midnight on March 21. In the meantime, Wu set up her own blog and released this video.


“Nail House” at Night!


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